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50 Tips for Business and Life from a NY Entrepreneur Lawyer (11-20)

As a longtime subscriber to Esquire magazine, I have learned many great tips from its “What I’ve Learned” column.  Throughout 23 years of law and entrepreneurship I’ve learned many of my own lessons.

Some from my successes, even more from my failures, but each one has been instrumental in leading me to where I am today.  Here are tips 11-20 of my most appreciated lessons.

11.    Success comes from accountability.
12.    Basic physics.  You never move ahead if you are standing still.
13.    You can’t do everything right now, but you should do something right now.
14.    Enjoy giving of yourself and good things happen for you.
15.    Overcome isolation and be active in your many communities.
16.    Always learn.  Try to always be the smartest person in the room, but be smart enough to be self-effacing.
17.    Under promise and over deliver.
18.    Don’t be intimidated in the company of more successful people, many times they enjoy sharing their knowledge.
19.    Don’t focus on overcoming bad habits, focus on crowding them out with new good habits.
20.    You can’t control the behavior of other people, only the way you react to it.